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Sleep Apnea Therapy In Irvine, CA

Sleep apnea, though a dangerous condition for your overall health, can be effectively managed with the help of your primary care doctor, a sleep physician, and our Irvine sleep apnea dentist. Dr. Lomboy understands that many patients with sleep disordered breathing problems struggle to keep compliant with treatments like CPAP, where the solution often feels as cumbersome as the condition itself. With an oral appliance, however, patients can benefit from comfortable treatment for sleep apnea.

Why Choose Oral Appliances for Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea mouth guards are an innovate solution to sleep-related breathing issues that can help limit or eliminate patients’ need to use a sleep apnea mask, or CPAP, depending on the severity of your condition. CPAP machines promote continuous positive airway pressure; this equipment is used to push air through a patient’s nose and mouth. While this is certainly effective, it is also uncomfortable for some with a sensitive gag reflex and can create undesirable side effects, such as dry mouth.

Instead, oral appliances for sleep apnea from our Irvine dental office provide patients an opportunity to forgo the bulk and inconvenience of CPAP, which needs to be strapped over a patient’s face while they sleep.  With a sleep apnea mouth guard, patients wear what looks like a retainer to bed. This appliance is intended to hold your lower jaw in a slightly forward position, which opens air passages and makes it easier for you to breathe naturally.

Somnodent® Sleep Apnea Mouth Guards in Irvine

After a confirmed sleep apnea diagnosis from your primary doctor or sleep physician, Dr. Lomboy can have you fitted for your sleep apnea oral appliance. Our office utilizes trusted Somnodent® brand appliances that can be made in different varieties to best meet your health needs. Best of all, your sleep apnea mouth guard will be custom made to fit the shape of your smile for maximum comfort. With impressions of your teeth, Somnodent® can fabricate a device that helps you feel confident in complying with treatment.

Not only do sleep apnea mouth guards protect your total physical help by facilitating better breathing and more restful sleep, they can also save your teeth from the damaging effects of sleep disorders. Patients who wear down their teeth due to clenching and grinding often do so in an effort to open airways while they sleep. In his continuing education on the best ways to preserve patients’ smiles and treat sleep apnea, Dr. Lomboy has become well-versed in utilizing sleep apnea mouth guards for body health and dental wellness.

Get Fitted for a Sleep Apnea Appliance Today!

Sleep apnea dentistry provides patients with a way to treat their condition that is comfortable, portable, and customized for their needs. To learn more about sleep apnea treatment in Irvine, CA, contact Woodbridge Dental today to speak to a member of our team.


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